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Quickstart Your Leadership With The Leadership Essentials

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Today's leaders must possess the fundamentals to:

remain calm in high pressure situations so they can make good decisions and keep those around them calm,

set expectations so everyone is on the same page, listen actively to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that team members are truly heard, deal with micromanagement and lead with respect as opposed to fear.

This program contains elements of my Critical Path Leadership Method, and abides by Daryl's philosophy of Minimal Viable Effort (doing what works best with the LEAST amount of effort in the LEAST amount of time.

The Critical Path Leadership Method is a proven method to take the well-meaning manager who is doing the best they can with little to no formal training and experience to the transformational leader where they are respected, trusted, valued and the type of leader others want to emulate.

  • Leaders Remain Calm- How to Defeat the Beast of Stress

  • Leaders Set Expectations Effectively

  • Leaders Make Timely & Effective Decisions

  • Leaders Are Communicators

  • Leaders Are NOT Micromanagers

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